Hi, I’m Dr. Lindsey.

I work with underrepresented achievers.

A Little About You

Underrepresented achievers are my people.

If you’re:

  • The first person in your family to go to college
  • You don’t see faces that look like you in your field
  • You’re a woman or person of color in tech, science, or medicine
  • You’re an LGBTQ professional
  • You’re an immigrant building your new life in this country
  • Or you live at the intersections of these spaces…

I’m talking to you.

You’re ready to begin believing you are enough.

Imagine experiencing more peace in your life, trusting yourself more, and allowing yourself to be imperfect once in a while.

When you begin to allow yourself to accept all the parts of you with compassion, things begin to change. You find your voice. Therapy with me will help you feel more grounded, balanced, and resilient.

A little About Me

You’ve heard that the personal is political. That’s what therapy with me is all about. I will always be an activist and fight for systemic change. Therapy is part of my activism. Through therapy you empower yourself. By empowering yourself you change your relationships. By changing your relationships you begin to change the world around you. It’s all interconnected.

Two things will happen in therapy with me: we’ll explore in-depth what you’re going through and, when you’re ready, I’ll help you take action. That’s how real change happens. 

I keep my caseload small purposefully so you get my full energy and attention. I also offer virtual therapy via video sessions for your convenience. I commonly use mindfulness, resilience building exercises, and self-compassion activities in our work together. 

I know what it’s like to be an underrepresented achiever. I’ve been “the only one” of one or more of my identities throughout my career. I know the delicate dance of trying to disprove stereotypes about you and still be yourself. To be good at what you do but trying hard not to make anyone uncomfortable. It’s not easy, but there are ways to move through it with more ease and strength.

I love travel, the ocean, and a good bakery. Active involvement in the feminist, LGBTQ, and anti-racist communities are essential for me. I have been in an interracial, cross-cultural relationship with my partner for 15+ years.

How I Help

Some things my clients have said about me:


  • I’m warm, engaged, and intuitive.
  • I have a kind voice and calming presence.
  • I help them find their strength.
  • I’m curious and a whole-hearted deep listener.
  • I’m honest and transparent.
  • I am willing to talk about the uncomfortable stuff.
  • I gently challenge them when they need it.
  • I help them learn new tools and strategies.

Some things I DON’T do:


  • Bob my head in silence.
  • Give quick fixes. Change takes engagement and investment from both of us.
  • Ignore your cultural identities.
  • Make everything about your cultural identities.
  • Label you with a diagnosis after talking to you for 5 minutes.

Professional Bio

For those of you who would like to know more about the nuts and bolts of my training and experience…

  • I have been doing therapy for over 15 years
  • I am trained in brief and longer-term therapy approaches including individual, couples, and sex therapy
  • I have served on the Board and am a current member of Bay Area Open Minds. A professional organization dedicated to affirming sexual and gender diversity, including ethical non-monogamy and kink.
  • I have honed my specialty in working with marginalized folks through years of clinical trainings and experience, leading cultural dialogue groups, teaching and leading workshops on social justice topics, and participating in white privilege self-exploration groups
  • I have honed my specialty in LGBTQ therapy through years of clinical trainings and experience, leading queer support groups, conducting research, leadership, and mentoring
  • I worked at UCSF for several years which gives me an intimate knowledge of working within the medical system
  • I have experience working with clients in science, technology, and engineering
  • I have particularly enjoyed working with helping professionals such as, physicians, nurses, medical professionals, and therapists

Advanced Clinical Training:


  • Lehigh University PhD, Counseling Psychology
  • Chatham College BA, Psychology & Women’s Studies


  • Licensed Psychologist in California, PSY24418

Get out of the cycle you are stuck in and let’s find a new way together.


Contact Me

I help underrepresented achievers believe they are enough. Imagine experiencing more peace in your life, trusting yourself more, and allowing yourself to be imperfect once in a while. You can find your voice and feel more grounded, balanced, and resilient.

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On-line Therapy Throughout CA

Phone:  415-737-5540