Couples Therapy

Are you a high achieving couple that struggles to find ways to connect?


  • Struggling with communication issues?
  • Do you just feel too busy to find time for each other?
  • As you’ve grown in your professions have you suddenly realized you’ve grown apart as a couple?
  • Do you often feel like you and your partner are speaking two different languages?
  • You may feel that your partner doesn’t get why your cultural experiences are important to you or wish you were more on the same page about cultural stuff.
  • You may wish you and your partner had the same level of comfort with being out.


You love each other very much, but at times feel like you don’t know each other anymore.


Couples Therapy | Dr. Lindsey Brooks | Licensed Psychologist | San Francisco CA


You may feel like you don’t need therapy. You’re in love, you don’t fight a lot. You’re not quite sure why your partner keeps bringing up couples therapy. Yet, there is a part of you that knows things don’t feel like they used to and you wonder if maybe talking with someone could help. Maybe it’s hard to find time together when there isn’t a screen between you. Maybe it’s hard to find the right words to communicate. It’s normal for couples to be hesitant to come to therapy. They don’t want that to mean there is something “wrong” with their relationship. Couples therapy is a great tool to help you reconnect and strengthen your relationship. It can help you be more resilient as a couple and have tools to bounce back when the inevitable bumps the road come up.


Imagine connecting on a deeper level again.


Imagine bridging the communication gap and finding a common language with your partner. Finding a bridge between “engineer / doctor / scientist” and “feelings.”


When you begin to allow yourself to share your vulnerability with your partner, things begin to change. You move out of the cycle you are stuck in and find a new way. Therapy with me will help you feel more in sync and joyful.




Couples Therapy | Dr. Lindsey Brooks | Licensed Psychologist | San Francisco CA



You might be thinking, “We don’t have time to go to therapy, we’re too busy”.
That’s why I offer virtual sessions to allow for more flexibility in scheduling to fit in to your life. No more stress and time lost commuting to a therapy office.

Are you just going to sit there and watch us have a conversation?
No, I’m an active participant in couples therapy. I warn couples that I will be interrupting them to offer insights, suggest a new strategy to try, or offer an exercise we can try together in session. For couples work, I use the evidence-based Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) approach.

We’re a unique couple, will you understand our unique identities and experiences?
I have worked with couples from a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds, sexual identities, and gender identities as well as monogamous and non-monogamous partnerships. I have been in an interracial, cross-cultural relationship with my partner for 14+ years and have found the skills of EFT to be helpful both personally and professionally.

You’re ready to feel connected again.

You may feel like you don’t have time for therapy. Like therapy is for other couples, who have “real problems”. I know it can be hard to let yourself slow down and give yourself as much permission to nurture your relationship. You are strong couple and therapy can help you feel even stronger.

Find your way back.

Get out of the cycle you are stuck in and let’s find a new way together.

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I help underrepresented achievers believe they are enough. Imagine experiencing more peace in your life, trusting yourself more, and allowing yourself to be imperfect once in a while. You can find your voice and feel more grounded, balanced, and resilient.

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