I am excited and honored (and let’s be honest….also, nervous) to share my recent interview on the Selling the Couch Podcast. I had an amazing time talking about how to create a multicultural practice in a genuine and authentic way. Thank you Melvin for making it such a great experience!


In the interview you’ll learn about:

●     How I decided to work with underrepresented achievers

●     How I determine which parts of myself to hold back in private practice and how much personal detail to share

●     Why I’m intentional about serving a multicultural and diverse community in my practice

●     Common mistakes that clinicians make in developing a multicultural practice:

○     Not doing the ongoing work required

○     Not “talking the talk” when opportunities arise to use your voice

If you want to learn more about the workshops I mention in the interview, you can follow my instagram


If my interview speaks to you, please reach out to me or a therapist near you to schedule an appointment